10 Portions
All Salads include appropriate dressing.

Green Salads: Quantity
Baby Spinach  €25 
Egg, Bacon & Red Onion  €25 
Asian Greens  €25 
Mandarin Orange, Toasted Almonds and Scallion  €25 
Organic Field Greens with Fresh Garden Vegetables  €25 
Speciality Salads: Quantity
Tuscan Bean Sautéed Spinach & Tomato  €25 
Organic Barley  €25 
Scallions, Corn, Red Pepper and Sherry Shallot Vinaigrette  €25 
Thai Jasmine Rice Hints of Coconut and Cilantro  €25 
Mediterranean Orzo Tomato, Feta & Olives  €25 
Fresh Mozzarella & Heirloom Tomato Olive Oil and Basil  €25 
Mélange of Charred Vegetables Aged Balsamic Reduction  €25 
Orange-Ginger Cous Cous  €25 
Mint, Raisins and Almonds  €25 
Roasted Caesar Potato  €25 
Tomato & Cucumber with Feta Cheese  €25 
Jalapeño Potato Salad  €25 
Pasta Salads: Quantity
Whole Wheat Soba Noodles Zesty Sesame Ginger Dressing  €25 
Rigatoni Pesto  €25 
Roasted Asparagus and Truffle Oil Blue Cheese, Candied Walnuts and Caramelized Pears  €25 
Wild Rice and Mandarin Orange Salad with Dried Cranberries and Spiced Nuts  €25 
Butternut Squash Penne Rosemary and Virgin Olive Oil  €25 
Tri Colore Pasta Primavera Roasted Vegetable Melange  €25 
Penne Sesame  €25 
Asian Vegetables and Marinade  €25 
Whole Wheat Pasta Salad  €25 
Fresh Mozzarella and Tomatoes and a Cherry Tomato Vinaigrette  €25 
Ravioletti Pasta Salad Toasted Pecans and Lemon Zest  €25 
Penne & Sun Dried Tomato Pesto  €25 
Chicken Caesar Salad  €25 
Organic Mesclun Salad Roasted Portobello and Blue Cheese  €25 
Arugula & Goat Cheese Cherry Tomatoes and Toasted Almonds  €25 
Endive & Watercress Honey Walnuts and Blue Cheese  €25 
Israeli Chopped Salad  €25 
Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Dill  €25 
Classic Caesar Salad  €25 
Traditional Greek Salad  €25 
Salads: Quantity
Roast Peppered Sirloin of Beef
with horseradish cream.  €25 
Honey Roasted Gammon
with pineapple and wholegrain and mustard relish.  €25 
Julienne of Smoked Salmon
with sundried tomato dressing.  €25 
Supreme of Chicken Tandoori
with spicy lemon mayonnaise.  €25 
Thai strips of Beef
with sweet chilli jam.  €25 
Seafood Platter
crab claws, salmon fresh and smoked, cockles, mussels, seafood terrine.  €25 
Butter Basted Turkey Crown
with cranberry relish.  €25